Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Is Really Surprising

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Even in an area dominated by Republicans, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama has raised tens of thousands of dollars more than Sen. John McCain, a Gazette analysis of campaign finance records found.
Obama's money advantage in the Colorado Springs area is insignificant in the context of a record-breaking season for campaign spending, but any edge for a Democratic Party presidential candidate is a dramatic shift from historical trends.
Four years ago, President Bush's contributions from the Colorado Springs area were three times that of his rival, Sen. John Kerry. An edge for Obama is also the last thing many observers would expect from an area where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats 2 to 1.
As of the end of August, Obama brought in $265,920 in donations from the city and surrounding areas, compared to McCain's $202,626.
In a county that hosts more evangelical organizations than any other in America, including Focus on the Family, a Democrat beating a Republican in campaign donations must herald the millennium.

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