Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I am fucking over it.

All of you self-absorbed assholes who think your pretend unlimited "right to bear arms" is worth any number of other people losing their lives can kiss my ass. You demonstrated your moral bankruptcy in the person of Joe the Plumber, who shared these kind words to the grieving parents of the dead in Isla Vista, California, “Your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights.”  Fuck you, Joe. If there's anything like karma in this sad world you'll taste your own blood before you choke on it and die. Asshole.

And fuck NRA Nazi Wayne LaPierre, the "good guy with a gun" shill for the arms industry who thinks it's just dandy when he can whip up a little terror from time to time that drives up gun sales, and if he can promote the completely stupid conceit of needing personal firearms for when tyranny rears its head, all the better. Even more appalling than his absolute dedication to profit at the expense of lives is the staggering number of neckless illiterates who actually think that Glock on the bedside table is gonna help when the Apache helicopter opens fire on their trailer park from miles away. Fuck those guys, too.

I'm done waiting on the dickless wonders we elect to Congress, who crumple like Big Lots aluminum foil under gun lobby pressure after every massacre when citizens with a legitimate expectation of protection from their government ask those sad sack cocksuckers to do their fucking jobs and protect us. Hey, Congress, I've got 535 "Fuck You" ornaments for your Christmas trees. Try not to get electrocuted and die while you string up lights on that tree. I hear standing in water while handling electrical wires will protect you.

And news media! I'm used to Fox News following the money instead of the story but the rest of you corporate whores have no excuse. What the fuck is it with your industry-wide ADD? If there's anything on the fucking planet more callous and self-serving than your "if it bleeds it leads" attitude I sure as shit have no idea of what it might be. Can't you puerile pukes see a fucking trend when it's bleeding on your fucking shoes? Can't you follow this slow motion massacre of innocents to a logical conclusion instead of dropping the latest mass shooting story whenever Kim Kardashian decides to show her ass to a camera? Jesus Christ, you're as much a part of the problem as that money-grubbing simpleton who doesn't even ask for ID when he sells a Bushmaster at a backwoods gun show.

Fuck all of you. I'm done waiting for you to get your shit together and do something about this chronic Holocaust.

President Obama. Look, dude, you're in the Zero Fucks Left stage of your presidency. Make some executive actions to clampdown on who can buy a gun, beef up the database used in background checks, set the FBI to sniffing out these despicable fucking domestic terrorists. Get the NSA to listen in the NRA cell phones. Have the IRS audit Smith & Wesson. Who cares if a court over rules you or the next White House occupant undoes it. You can still save some lives. Fuck your legacy, take some fucking action. It can't anybody's best advice to you to do nothing and wait on those unmitigated dickwads in Congress to take up legislation. Those fuckers are part of the problem.

Congressman Scott Tipton? You're gonna get to know me really well 'cause I'm not gonna stop letting you know how fucking inadequate you are when it comes to preventing mass murder in Colorado - twice in one fucking month in Colorado Springs! Why aren't you pissed, you lame-ass douche nozzle? Waiting for instructions from the Republican Study Committee? Take a fucking stand for the people you represent, not the special interests who seem to own you.

Senator Michael Bennett? Stop being the Ben Carson of the Senate and take a goddam stand for your constituents. I'm on your ass, bro, until you grow a pair and make something happen.

And you, Senator Cory Gardner. Spit out that NRA cock and do something for us instead of to us. You showed everybody your Inner Weasel when you ran for the office, but I'm not gonna settle for that level of insipid follow the leader behavior from you. Stand up for us, you weak-kneed pussy and attack the gun problem like you would an expansion of Social Security.

Fuck it. I'm done with the status quo. Not. One. More.

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