Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Conservative Group Pissed at Todd Akin? You Bet.

I'm sure you remember the time Missouri's Todd Akin tried to take Senator Claire McCaskill's seat. His "legitimate rape" comment became the emblem of tone-deaf white guy commentary and has shown surprising staying power (although with Donald Trump free-associating in real time that may change at any moment).

But the landscape has changed and the now a group that actually read a book has decided Mr Akin is somehow as culpable in election finance misbehavior as their primary target Sen. McCaskill. The divide within conservatism couldn't be more clearly demonstrated than by this:
The conservative Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust earlier this month filed a complaint alleging that McCaskill, D-Mo., broke federal campaign laws covering in-kind contributions by allowing her pollster to talk with an Akin campaign adviser about the effectiveness of an advertisement Akin had run in the 2012 Republican primary. A McCaskill spokesman said then the actions were "above board."

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