Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Matter of Confession

Roger Ebert has an interesting essay on confessions, using the the late Secretary of Defense during Viet Nam Robert S. McNamara's comments as a starting point. I thought this paragraph was particularly astute.

Roger Ebert's Journal: Archives
He agreed to submit himself to Morris's questions for an hour. He ended by speaking for ten. He went to subjects Morris might not have thought to take him, discussed things that were, at 85, much on his mind. He was a key aide to Gen. Curtis LeMay, who directed the fire-bombing of Tokyo when more than 100,000, mostly civilians, were burned alive. After the war, he says, in one of the film's most astonishing moments, LeMay observed to him that if America had lost, they would have been tried as war criminals. What does he, McNamara, think about the bombing? By quoting LeMay's statement that might have forever gone unrecorded, I think he lets us know.

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