Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ruling Class Member Mike Huckabee Complains About Ruling Class

In possibly the most un-selfconscious statement in his long career of un-selfconconscious statements, Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee wants to know why failure to enforce an unconstitutional law is okay for the "ruling class" he wants to be part of, but a county clerk in Kentucky who defies a court order is in jail. 
“Why people are so angry across the country not just on this issue but on others is that the ruling class has thumbed their very nose at the Constitution.”
Maybe the former Arkansas governor (there's that "ruling class" again) should consider his own statement from a few weeks ago. 
 "Being offended is a full-time job for many. It's a tedious task, for it requires enormous amounts of imagination and creativity, [and] relentless pursuit of an audience willing to swallow the notion of the offense." - Mike Huckabee 2015

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