Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Poynter Post On Hillary's New Press Strategy

Hillary's been spending time in church.
She swears (not literally)
Before church Sunday in Washington, "Clinton said from the pulpit, she received some advice from Dr. J. Philip Wogaman, the former Foundry senior pastor who’d served the first family. 'He basically said, if you’re going to read and listen to Romans: 12, you gotta to be nicer to the press,' said Clinton, to laughs from the congregation. 'I will certainly take that to heart.' She also said she’d put the counsel 'into effect.'" (The Washington Post)
Ah, right. Don’t expect a born-again Donald Trump in a skirt. As Bill Clinton biographer David Maraniss says about an alleged new strategy to be warm and cuddly, it confronts her own “purposefully encrusted calculation built up over years and decades of defensiveness." (New York Daily News)
Trouble is she's also announced a plan to be more spontaneous. I sort of have a degree of sympathy for the Clintons. I can't think of a couple that's gone through more trials by public fire in my lifetime. I understand the reticence to be voluble with the press. But now Hillary's media strategies are just getting more awkward all the time.

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