Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mia Love Had a Meeting, Dammit!

First term Congresswoman Mia Love (R - Utah) paid back air fare costs when she flew from Salt Lake City to D.C. for "strategy" meetings that happened to allow her to attend White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, aka the Nerd Prom. But when asked about why she repaid fares she has legitimate rights to bill to the taxpayer, things got a little confusing.
“We did have a staff meeting [that weekend]. It’s a strategy meeting. I can’t really share about what we’re doing,” Love, a rising star in the Republican Party, told The Hill in a brief interview at the Capitol. “It’s a strategy meeting I had with my chief of staff, ok?”
House rules prohibit members from using their congressional allowance “to pay for any expenses related to activities or events that are primarily social in nature.” But Love’s spokesman Richard Piatt insisted the weekend trip, from Saturday to Sunday, had included time for official business...
But Love’s office, so far, has not provided The Hill with any documentation, including emails or calendar entries, showing that she had official business that weekend.

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