Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Gun Grab" After Katrina? Only In An NRA Fantasy

It's an article of faith with some gun zealots: in the aftermath of Katrina police went on a confiscation spree, unlawfully taking weapons from law-abiding citizens who needed those firearms for their personal safety. This proves, the zealots conclude, that the 2nd Amendment is under attack by government and thus possession of firearms is even more important today.

Well, it turns out that scenario is hard to imagine. In the days of chaos following the storm there was little coordination of any sort, let alone a concerted effort to achieve one goal irrelevant to getting people off roof tops. From TheTrace.org :
...most of the scenarios dreamed up by confiscation-fearing gun advocates in the years since rely on a vision of supreme government power that’s completely contrary to what happened during Katrina. At critical points during the storm, there was no functioning state, no coordination of efforts — much less a grand plan. But the looming threat of bigger gun-grabs relies on the existence of supremely competent, and supremely malign, government forces working in perfect lockstep. They simply do not exist, and Katrina is the surest proof. 

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