Sunday, September 27, 2015

Even Ben Carson Wouldn't Vote For Himself

From Politico:
"But, right now, when you have something that is against the rights of women, against the rights of gays, subjugates other religions and a host of things that are not compatible with our Constitution, why in fact would you take that chance?"
"Against the rights of women" - In 1973 the Roe v Wade decision affirmed that a woman has a right to privacy that precludes government interference with her health care decisions. How does describe his views? 

I am unabashedly and entirely pro-life. Human life begins at conception and innocent life must be protected.

Sure sounds like there's at least one women's right he'd like to curtail.

 "Against the rights of gays" - But as he told the Daily Caller, while he acknowledges the Supreme Court decision, 
"he prefers civil unions, rather than marriage, for gay couples.
“I support same sex civil unions but to me, and millions like me, marriage is a religious service not a government form,” he said.
 The charitable interpretation is he supports gay rights as long as they aren't, quite, equal rights.

"Subjugates other religions" - 
"The retired neurosurgeon told ABC any Muslim would have to “subjugate” some aspects of his or her faith, including Sharia law, before being elected to the White House."
Dr Carson gets my vote - for the least self-aware candidate in this race.

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