Saturday, September 5, 2015

Court of Appeals Decision May Have Wider Implications

The New York State Psychiatric Association, an organization of psychiatrists, has won a favorable decision in its challenge to an insurance company's coverage decision process.
The New York State Psychiatric Association (NYSPA) brought a  alleging violation of state and federal laws by United. United's practices were claimed to have been designed to create the illusion of impartiality and fairness, while undermining access to treatment for patients with mental health claims. United challenged the legal standing of the NYSPA to represent the interests of its members and members' patients.
The second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals determined that NYSPA does have standing to represent its members.  
I think this is a significant decision in that it gives providers legal standing to speak and advocate for their patients in class action lawsuits. It's an important precedent because it opens the door for other medical associations, like the American Academy of Pediatrics, to advocate in other class actions, such as, say, suits against firearms manufacturers or NRA-backed rules that discourage research into gun safety.

Stay tuned.

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