Friday, September 11, 2015

Conservative Republicans Want to Shut Down Government

Because it worked so well in 2013, the ironically named "Freedom Caucus" of far right House members is committed to opposing any budget deal that funds Planned Parenthood, and they're willing to close everything down if that's what it takes.
“Given the appalling revelations surrounding Planned Parenthood, we cannot in good moral conscience vote to send taxpayer money to this organization while still fulfilling our duty to represent our constituents. We must therefore oppose any spending measure that contains funding for Planned Parenthood.”
The irony of staking a "moral conscience" stand on demonstrably deceitful videos seems lost on these guys. And, to be sure, they also seem unaware that it is only "guys" on the bandwagon - the letter they circulated contains not a single female Representative's name.

But more to the point, the "Freedom Caucus" seems bent on depriving a significant segment of their constituency, poor people, of access to valuable preventative health services, like long acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), that have been shown to dramatically reduce demand for abortion, which is the goal of this muddle-headed effort in the first place.

Maybe a better name for this tribe of tyrants is "Freedom From Thought Caucus."

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