Sunday, September 6, 2015

And the Irony Continues

Liberty Counsel wants you to know incarcerated Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis doesn't have a Twitter account and that a "letter" associated with that account is a fake.  OK, sure, I guess the use of fake social media accounts to comment on public issues could be news to the 5 or 6 people in America unfamiliar with social media. Asking for that account to be shut down seems a bit rich coming from a legal firm that touts its dedication to free speech and exercise of religion, but again, there's enough constitutional latitude to accommodate that degree of duplicity.

But when the Liberty Counsel guys put this out there in their press release, it's over the top. After all, Ms Davis is currently in jail because she judged the what she imagines to be sinful behavior taking place in the privacy of a couple's bedroom.
We ask that the media and the public respect the privacy of Kim’s family and church. 
Asking for special consideration for Ms Davis does seem to be the common thread running through this soap opera.  

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