Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SOS Scott Gessler will not moonlight | Colorado Independent

SOS Scott Gessler will not moonlight | Colorado Independent

This is the only reasonable outcome to this weird situation. SOS Gessler, having annoyed thousands of Coloradans who don't have a first job, apparently decided the prudent course is to do the job he so energetically sought. Good for him, and congratulations on doing the right thing.

But this episode also highlighted a peculiarity of government relationships. As Attorney General, John Suthers advised SOS Gessler on his plans to moonlight. Because Suthers was acting as attorney for the state government his advice fell under the attorney-client privilege, and thus the voters are not allowed to know what that advice involved.

I think that's unfortunate and I would like to see an exception to the privilege legislated. If one of my elected officials is officially advising another of my elected officials on proper behavior I can think of no one with a more vested interest in those discussions than citizens. Inasmuch as those discussions and that advice materially affect Colorado's citizens I think we should have a right to hear them.

Let's put the "public" back into "public servant."

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