Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why Tea Party Activists Are Childish Dickwads

Tea Party Activists Angry at Actions of G.O.P. Leaders -

"“Do I think that they’ve recognized what happened on Election Day? I would say decisively no,” said Mark Meckler, a co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, which sent its members an alert last month urging them to call their representatives to urge them to “stop now and go home!!”

“We sent them a message that we expect them to go home and come back newly constituted and do something different,” Mr. Meckler said. “For them to legislate when they’ve collectively lost their mandate just shows the arrogance of the ruling elite."

Let me get this straight: Tea Partier Mark Meckler, an unelected leader of a "movement" that has yet to field a candidate or run a campaign, accuses a legally elected Congress of acting in "arrogance" when it continues to legislate through the end of its legally-appointed session.

See, here's the thing, Mr. Meckler. When you have the votes you get to do a lot of things the people without the votes don't like. Standing on the sidelines whining won't change that.

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