Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let's Appeal to "Tea Party Dumb Asses"

To paraphrase Ken Buck, there's a lot of political mileage to be had from the "dumb ass" Tea Party crowd, especially if you're a state GOP Attorney General looking to keep a government job. How else to explain the same AGs suing the feds over Affordable Care Act  now piling on to Gov Jan Brewer's self-funded defense of SB 1070


Friday, September 3, 2010

Maes Disappoints - and Educates - His Base

Dan Maes continues his pointless campaign, holding onto his legal right to represent the Colorado GOP in the governor's race. Except for the charmingly out of touch Lu Busse, Maes' Tea Party support is fast eroding.


Jennifer Bailey, president of the Western Slope Conservative Alliance, was an early supporter of Maes and hosted events for him. On Thursday, she called him "disappointing."

"That's the reason the grassroots got going, because we don't make excuses for someone," Bailey said. "I wish we weren't screwing around with all this."

Read more:GOP, Tea Party leaders back away from Maes - The Denver Post


"We don't make excuses..." Well, you do now.


Welcome to grownup politics.

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