Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Email. I Get Email

Fellow Patriot,
As you're all well-aware, we were unable to dethrone Harry Reid and get Obama's right-hand man out of Washington.
Desperate to save themselves in time for the next election, Obama's best supporters of Amnesty are doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to advance the cause of Amnesty in order to gain millions of Latino votes by November 2012.
And we're fighting back!!!
Minuteman PAC is rallying Patriots across the country to petition Congress and to continue to show support for Anti-Amnesty Legislation.
AND, we here at Minuteman PAC are doing EVERYTHING WE CAN to see that the Amnesty hounds fail and that our borders are secured and our country and way of life are FINALLY protected!
After all your hard work and support to try and rid Washington of radical Obamnesty supporters,we have to keep fighting and we have to tell our Senators exactly what we think about Amnesty!
Minuteman PAC is firing a "shot across the bows" of every Member of the House and Senate.

I love the Minuteman PAC, and I want to meet its contributors. Those people have entirely too much money to give away, and I can't think of a more useless gesture than to send it to me. 

Seriously, if you're the sort of dim-witted paranoid that thinks "amnesty" is equal to automatic citizenship, there's not a lot you won't fall for. 

Maybe if I pretended to be a Nigerian prince...

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