Friday, February 19, 2010

Wiley Drake Misses the Irony

Praying for Obama's Death - Page 1 - The Daily Beast: "if they continue to deny God and do unrighteous things to our country we then agree with God that He take them out."

Here's the thing: this crazy Baptist preacher prays for the deaths of public figures, and takes credit when someone he doesn't like dies. Not that he personally takes a part, but he & his cult pray for the deaths of those he dislikes, most prominently Barack Obama.

Under federal law, of course, threatening the life of the President is a crime and will get you a personal visit from the Secret Service. You may recall the fuss last year over a Facebook poll asking about the desirability of an Obama assassination. Rev. Drake has been spared arrest and prosecution.

The conclusion is inescapable: nobody believes this crap, except Wiley Drake and a handful of his co-loons. By holding forth about his faith so publicly, he has also clearly demonstrated just how ineffectual and irrelevant his religion actually is. Judging by the lack of law enforcement attention to his fringe threatmaking, the government thinks so, too.

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