Thursday, August 6, 2009

Murdoch to Charge for Fox Web Content

Rupert Murdoch decides Fox journalism is so valuable people should pay for access to its content. I can't wait to see how the charges are set: will O'Reilly cost more than Beck?

News Corpse ? Would You Pay To Read Fox News?

In the end, Murdoch will just be doing a favor for all the other online news sites who learn to operate profitably without subscription fees. As the market matures there will be more and more of them. Advertisers will migrate to the web as it increasingly provides a superior return to fading newspapers. And since Murdoch is overweighted in dead-tree media, and his online acumen has been notoriously sub par (witness MySpace), this is just good news all around - the kind even I?d be willing to pay for (but don?t tell Rupert).

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