Saturday, August 1, 2009

Birthers Aren't Just a Southern Fringe Lunacy

Washington Monthly provides a graph of the geographical distribution of the lunatic birthers. The concentration of these neoracist pinheads to the South is not a surprise.

But this particular strain of stupid isn't limited to the heart of Southern Baptist Land. Our own State Senator Dave Schultheis (R - Focus on the Family) thinks there's something to it, too.

Dave Schultheis (Sen_Schultheis) on Twitter.png by deanbarnett on AviaryDave Schultheis (Sen_Schultheis) on Twitter.png by deanbarnett on Aviary.

Senator Schultheis is also the renowned Colorado pol who worries excessively about the citizen status of Hispanics in fatal car accidents and believes treating pregnant women with AIDS encourages promiscuity.

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