Friday, June 26, 2009

Faded Star Burns Out

Michael Jackson, the people's king of pop? |
Jackson's was not an unblemished life and this makes it tricky for the news channels and tweeting celebrities who long for nothing more than to bathe in the soapy, sudsy pleasure of hyperbolic adoration and eulogies. But anyone who watched the Martin Bashir 2003 documentary in which he talked about sharing a bed with 12-year-old cancer patient, Gavin Arvizo, is going to find this a little strange, if not dishonest.
The striking thing about media coverage of Michael Jackson's death is the careful emphasis on past accomplishments, not the truly bizarre events that dominated the last two decades of his life. I certainly do recognize his contributions to pop music, but, really, does a career that peaked with "Thriller" in 1982 merit the wall-to-wall coverage we're seeing today?

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