Saturday, November 1, 2008

Take a Bite Out of Crime?

Tampa Police: Missing Teeth Gum Up Relationship
TAMPA - No one saw Louise Deeringer's false teeth behind the TV stand until it was too late.

By then, Deeringer and her boyfriend of 11 years, Guy Dugas, had been in such an argument over where the teeth were that Tampa police had arrested both of them.

It all started about 11:15 p.m. Thursday in a mobile home at 6012 Broadway Ave., where Deeringer confronted Dugas about where he had put her teeth, police said.

Dugas, 49, said he didn't know where her teeth were, but Deeringer, 56, didn't believe him, police said.

Dugas got angry and gave Deeringer what she told police were "flying lessons" – he tossed her up in the air and on the kitchen floor, police said.

Deeringer grabbed a kitchen knife and chased him outside, police said. She saw him re-enter through the back door and chased him down a hall, at one point saying, "You're going to tell me where my teeth are, or I'm going to kill you," police said.

Dugas ran into a bathroom, and Deeringer stabbed the bathroom door, police said.

After officers arrived, Deeringer found her teeth behind the TV stand, police said.

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