Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Future of Colorado Republicans? A "Howard Dean" For Colorado's GOP: Marc Holtzman?
There is one man who has shown his dedication to leadership, was victimized by the powermad ideologcal nuts who gave us Bob Beauprez and Bob Schaffer, and who remains committed to seeing the party restored to its rightful majority position.

I'm talking about Marc Holtzman.

The left has Howard Dean, who lost his presidential primary at the hands of insiders but emerged triumphant as the Chairman of the DNC. Not only did he invest in races way outside "safe" Democrat strongholds, winning many of them-he built the infrastructure that allowed Barack Hussein Obama to outspend his opponent by giant sums and carry key "red" states like Colorado. Doesn't this story closely parallel Holtzman's? At least the first half?

I guess having your ass handed to you two elections in a row is oikely to make you see how the dreaded liberals managed it. All the giggling at Howard Dean'sscream aside, the man had the winning strategy. It'll be interesting to see how well and how long it will take the GOP to reclaim Colorado.

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