Saturday, November 22, 2008

Focus & Fred - It's Getting Lonely in Wackaland to match 'gays'
Warren began to disassociate himself with Dobson that year to shed the company's association with Focus on the Family. He said he would no longer appear on Dobson's radio show, and he bought the rights to books he had published through Focus on the Family and removed the name from their covers.

"Dr. Warren and I have been friends for many years," Dr. Dobson said in a statement. "He has been on Focus on the Family radio nine times, and we published six of his books. We helped publicize, and yet, Dr. Warren recently said in an L.A. Times article that his association with us is 'the kiss of death.' I'm sorry he feels that way. He's a good man."

The two agreed to go their separate ways.

Now eHarmony has been compelled to changed its nationwide policy toward homosexuals as part of a New Jersey lawsuit settlement.

On March 14, 2005, Eric McKinley filed a lawsuit against eHarmony, claiming the company discriminated against him when it refused to accept his advertisement for a "gay" partner.

McKinley's complaint triggered a state investigation into the dating service. Metro/Region Section
Westboro protest draws student counter protest

• Westboro church member fights Sarpy charges
• Westboro church member fights Sarpy charges
Members of a Kansas church that protests at the funerals of slain service members fled the right-of-way near Omaha Central High School on Friday because police said they could not protect them from hundreds of student counterprotesters.

Students threw hamburgers and bottles of lemonade and milk at several members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., students said after the protest. A video of the protest — recorded by 16-year-old student Mason Hartwell — showed one counterprotester on the ground, seated with his hands behind his back and flanked by two law enforcement officers.

Students chanted "Diversity," "Obama" and "Gay is OK." At one point, they broke into a chant of the Pledge of Allegiance, yelling, "Liberty and justice for all," according to the footage. After students dispersed, a flier remained on the ground reading "Zona libre de odio" — Spanish for "Hate-free zone."

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