Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin's Christianity

Palin the Christian - The Brody File: David Brody Blog - CBN News
Here's the interesting part. Sarah Palin is showing that just because you're a born-again Christian doesn't mean you can't talk intelligbly about other issues. In a way, Sarah palin's high profile is putting Evangelicals in the spotlight. Palin believes in teaching creationism and believes that the Bible is the innerant (sic) Word of God. Does that make you crazy or not fit to be vice-president? I would suggest that millions of Americans out there think that world view is extremely lacking in Washington
David Brody, an otherwise rational journalist, falls over himself to defend Sarah Palin from the secular criticism she's bound to receive once her fundamentalist beliefs get significant airplay.

Brody commits the classic Christian sin, however, in misrepresenting the basis for such criticism. It's not anti-religion so much as anti-superstition. "Palin believes in teaching creationism and believes that the Bible is the innerant (sic) Word of God." This makes her superstitious, much in the same way Mitt Romney's magic underwear makes me doubt his grip on the reality lever. "Teaching creationism" is merely another dishonest attempt to foist a private religious view onto a public school system that already has enough problems producing educated graduates, whereas the "Bible is the inerant (sic) word of God" is just insincere manipulation aimed at securing continuing influence and revenue. I'll take that claim seriously when one of our modern day godmen stones a disobedient child to death.

I agree Palin's religion should not be an issue, however, it has been the Republican campaign and enablers such as Brody himself who fuel this particular fire. Whining a priori about the reaction of the secular majority to Palin's off-center religious views only serves to solidify support from the same reality-impaired core group that the Republicans have so successfully exploited over the past 15 years.

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