Thursday, July 17, 2008

HD 62 Candidate Randy Jackson OK with Gay Bathroom Sex

The Pueblo Chieftain
Colorado recently enacted SB 200, a bill that adds sexual orientation to the state's anti-discrimination statute. No longer can the LGBT community be legally ousted from the same public opportunities enjoyed by everyone else.
Naturally, this resulted in a cosmic wedgie to that christofascist in Colorado Springs, James Dobson, who spent a chunk of his not-for-prophet dough on publicity criticizing the bill, claiming it legalizes men in the ladies room, and predicting little girls will be savaged by grown men of icky persuasion, who now have the legal right to enter the "public accommodation" mentioned in the law's text.
I don't worry overmuch about James Dobson. His day has passed, and the brand of vicious bigotry he espouses will die with him. But now comes Republican candidate Randy Jackson, an apparently well-meaning oaf that has seized on the lies in the evangelical Dobson's ads to attack his Democratic opponents.
SB200 basically implies labeling restrooms as gender specific is discriminatory; hence, any man can now enter the little girl’s room if he feels like a woman, or for any other perverse reason.
There's a problem, of course. Despite Jackson's apparently sincere objections, SB 200 has nothing to do with legalizing men in the ladies room. It seems this has always been legal in Colorado.
It’s not Senate Bill 200 that makes it legal for a woman to walk into a men’s bathroom or for a man to walk into a women’s bathroom. That’s always been legal in Colorado, according to Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger.

It’s what a person does once they’re in the bathroom that could lead to an arrest.

There are a couple of layers of irony to this issue. First, nobody has demonstrated any episode of little girls assaulted by icky perverts in public restrooms (I am discounting a dubious claim made by an un-named Focus on the Family staff). Dobson and Jackson seem up in arms over an event nobody can show happened.
The second layer, one that should tickle the funny bone of any rational person, is that even though Dobson, and by extension Jackson, worry that "even a homosexual. . . might walk in and relieve himself" in the presence of little girls, SB 200 does nothing to outlaw behavior of the gay kind.
Maybe these fundamentally manipulative guys should worry less about a transgendered person using the appropriate facility and more about who's in the next stall. You never know - it could be Larry Craig.

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