Monday, June 23, 2008

Pharisees and Sadducees

7 Reasons Why George Carlin Did Not Go To Hell | KGOV Radio

* The Foul-mouthed Comedian: George Carlin did not go to hell because:

Reason 1: he did more evil than good
Reason 2: because he didn't tithe
Reason 3: because he promoted abortion
Reason 4: because he had a filthy mouth
Reason 5: because he didn't keep the commandments
Reason 6: because he wasn't a Republican
Reason 7: because he didn't go to church

George Carlin went to hell because he despised the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who bled and died to pay for Carlin's sin and was resurrected to overcome death and give eternal life to those who humble themselves and trust in Him.
Self-righteous Christian pricks deserve all the bad shit that happens to them. Particularly the judgmental variety, like this demented fuckwit in Denver.

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