Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Usual Lunatics Weigh In

Overturning California's Gay 'Marriage' Ban::By Chuck Colson
Chuck Colson, Nixonite felon and christofascist, weighs in on the California Supreme Court's decision allowing gay marriage in the nation's largest state. He's rolled out the "judges overturning the will of the people argument."
The 4-3 decision announced Thursday not only legalizes gay “marriage” in the largest state in America, but it also overturns both the referendum of the people and the representatives of the people.
And yet, with a straight face, he goes on to suggest a remedy to this intolerable situation:
Now, the problem is that the people of California cannot overturn this decision. Even an amendment to the California constitution will not help now. It all boils down to this: the need for a federal constitutional amendment—and soon, before other states start doing the same thing.
So, we need a federal solution to "overturn" the will of the people if that will isn't approved by Chuck Colson?

The signs are that the Christianists have had their day. Falwell's dead, Robertson is demented, and Dobson seems content to merely brood over the fall of civilization. Colson's stale iteration of self-serving arguments is another sign of a moribund power bloc.

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