Monday, February 11, 2008

WiFi @ Starbucks - It's Free, Only a Dollar

Starbucks: Forget T-Mobile, get (free) WiFi with AT&T

Free my ass. Discounted? Maybe, but somebody's paying for this loband access, overpriced calories and lame tunage:

AT&T says that, beginning this spring, anyone who uses a Starbucks Card (a prepaid gift card, like one you would give to a friend) will be able to get up to two hours of free WiFi service per day at any Starbucks location with WiFi service. Better yet, if you're an AT&T broadband or U-verse subscriber, you'll be able to use unlimited WiFi at Starbucks for free.

So if someone else buys it (Starbucks Card) or if you've already bought it (AT&T broadband) it's "free."

Yeah. I had a "free" lay once, but after the penicillin shots. . .not so much.

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