Monday, February 4, 2008

Wait 'Till rush Limbaugh Reads This

Born Again Voters No Longer Favor Republican Candidates

George Barna, the evangelical pollster, has some interesting new data to mull over.

The new Barna study shows that if the election were to be held today, 40% of all born again adults who are likely to vote in November would choose the Democratic candidate and just 29% would choose the Republican candidate. The remaining 28% are currently not sure whom they would choose, preferring to make their selection on the basis of the candidate than strictly on the basis of his or her party affiliation.

This sure can't be good news to Mitt Romney's ears, and it's bound to be troublesome to previously-important fundigelicals like James Dobson and Richard Land. But the defection of evangelicals to Democrats is likeliest to upset talk radio punditry, many of whom have been leading cheers for a Clinton nomination in the belief that Hillary for President stickers would energize the Republican base, i. e., the evangeicals, and somehow preserve the White House for the minority party.

And it's only February.

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