Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another Martyr for Dollars

B.C. Teacher Kempling May Lose Teaching License for Defending Christian Beliefs
I don't much care what folk believe and practice in the privacy of their own consciences or churches. As an atheist, all religions look pretty silly to me, Christianity no more than any of the thousands of other irrational belief systems humans seem to enjoy.

This teacher, Chris Kempling, is an example of the sort of public exposition of superstition that deserves reflexive ridicule, just to keep the biblical virtue of humility healthy and influential. When this private belief evolves into a mission to dehumanize and publically identify others as sinners deserving of eternal pain and suffering, a threshold of taste has been crossed.

But more serious, for me at least, is this tidbit:
for offering orientation change therapy as part of my private counselling practice and mentioning this in a radio interview,
So this sanctimonious asshat is complaining that his academic career is threatened for offering completely bogus and potentially dangerous "therapy" and then advertising it on mass media. So he's a rude malpractitioner - the last dregs of sympathy I may have harbored for this mildly pathetic little guy just evaporated. He is not, in my view, fit to hold any teaching position. Why expose students to his brand of applied superstition?

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