Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ann Coulter Must be Smiling

Romney Endorses Former Rival McCain | The Trail |
Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney gave a big, wet kiss on Valentine's Day to his former rival, Sen. John McCain, endorsing him in Boston and calling him "a true American hero."

With McCain standing next to him, Romney said he was urging his 280 delegates to support the Arizona senator at the Republican convention in September.

At CPAC, or at least in the same hotel, Ann Coulter made a speech critical of McCain, pursuing her "my girl, Hillary" theme. Along the way she canonized Mitt Romney as the "true conservative", echoing Laura Ingraham's effulgent introduction for Romney's CPAC address the day before.

I wonder how the girls are feeling on Valentine's night, knowing the "true conservative" heartthrob has betrayed them with his endorsement of McCain, the Republican so loathsome even Hilary would be a better choice.

I felt so bad for Ann, knowing she'd invested so much in "my girl, Hillary", that I nearly overlooked one of her best lines, supporting a McCain:Romney ticket, "I led one impeachment, I can lead another."

Yeah. I bet Ann Coulter's smiling tonight.

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