Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Child of an Even Lesser God

Poor Pat Roberston. His prophetic powers have never served him well. Remember this:
In the latest of a long-but-unsuccessful line of predictions and prophecies, Pat Robertson said Jan. 2 the United States will face a massive terrorist attack in late 2007.

Or this?
In May 2006, he claimed American coastlines would be "lashed by storms" and the Pacific Northwest hit by "something as bad as a tsunami." No such disasters occurred that year.

I don't think it's quite a failure of Rev. Robertson's hearing God's word so much as he tries too hard. For instance, when he lowers his sights just a little:
This year's winner of the Scripps Howard Super Sage Award goes to Pat Robertson, founder and chairman of The Christian Broadcasting Network. His "preference" of a 20-14 Giants victory put him the closest to the final score of 17-14.

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