Monday, December 10, 2007

Merry Consumermas

The Emperor Palpatine, err, Pope Benedict, bemoans the dilution of the true meaning of Christmas by rank materialism:

VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday criticized "materialistic" ways of celebrating Christmas, pressing the Vatican's campaign against unbridled consumerism.

His brief comments, delivered from the window of his private studio to pilgrims below in St. Peter's Square, built on his dismay that ever younger boys and girls are caught up in consumer pursuits.

"The way of living out, and perceiving, Christmas unfortunately quite often suffers from a materialistic mentality," Benedict said.

And he should know about materialism:

Pope Benedict XVI is appealing to a new group of admirers: marketers seeking not blessings but pontifical product placements.

Since his election last year, the pope has been spotted wearing Serengeti-branded sunglasses and brown walking shoes donated by Geox. He owns a specially engraved white Apple iPod, and he recently stirred much publicity with a pair of stylish red loafers that may or may not be from Prada.

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